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Abida Alalawi
3 min readDec 28, 2022

social media has become almost an inherent part of being a contemporary writer it can be a huge part of an author’s marketing plan and having an online presence is pretty much expected of authors nowadays especially if you have a younger audience social media is pretty much a must. writers now exist in an online interconnected network and by not being part of it you miss out on endless opportunities to connect with other writers industry professionals and most importantly readers so when you’re getting started with social media as a writer you might be asking what platforms you should use now, of course, the general answer is as many as you can that will help you reach as many people as possible but The problem is it’s very time-consuming. We all want to post consistently, so we look for a shortcut. The solution is cross-posting.

What is cross-posting?

it means creating a piece of content and posting it across all social media platforms the idea of making one high-quality post and simply pushing it to all possible social media networks is very tempting because you save lots of time and your accounts are updated. Cross-posting is done for many reasons, such as

• to increase the reach of the content

• save time. You’re busy with the daily tasks of running your business and time is money, so you can create pieces of content and share it to all of your social media accounts at once.

• Keep your social accounts active. When you are posting on one platform every day, your other social media accounts can become neglected. The key to social media is to remain consistent and stay in your follower’s feeds and cross-posting can solve this.

• Cross-posting is also beneficial if you’re looking to increase brand awareness as people search for their answers using different sites they are most likely to come across your content if they find it useful chances are they will share your work and acknowledge the brand

At the end of the day, you want people to see your social media content. If you are looking to save time it’s best to use a social media tool where you can be on one platform and publish and manage your work across other platforms there is a new product that can do that for you is the perfect product for authors who want to publish their content With Scattr, you can cross-post your articles and blog posts to social platforms with ease. It is a single platform to publish and manage articles/blogs across different platforms such as Hashnode, Dev, Medium, etc.

How to use

  1. Create or Log in to your Scattr account and land into the scattred world.

2. Configure your blogging platforms and social media accounts.

3. Write or import your articles on Select the accounts you want to publish and hit the publish button.

Cross-post on social media the right way with and save time managing your social media presence. From a single dashboard, you can write, edit and import posts across all networks, reaching a wider audience with ease.