Abida Alalawi
3 min readAug 28, 2020

Importance of Self Improvement

Sometimes, life is out of control. During these unwanted situations, you’ve got no choice but to surrender. without question, you’ll just accept the fact that you simply lose.

However, surrendering isn’t about abandoning . it’s an art of allowing other beautiful things to return within. Believe it or not, surrendering may be a not a symbolof weakness, but rather a strength.

The Basics

However, it doesn’t mean that when have issues in life, you may simply give up. As long as you’ll and you’re on a right aspect, you’ve got to fight for whatever situation. you merely ought to give up. if you’re thinking that there’s no alternative suggests that but to surrender. But, before you surrender, you’ve got to ask yourself. What do you want to give up? Is it your career, relationship or what? Are you able to face its consequences?

Find out what you actually value

Like others, you’re conjointly confused on what to do with your life. Before creating any action, you usually weigh many things. one amongst the toughest selections you’ll be able to create is to surrender. To surrender is to give up control or power of one thing to some other person. It means you united to prevent fighting, resisting and concealing as a result of you already knew that you simply won’t succeed or win. But, before surrendering, you would like to understand what’s going to be the results of your actions. you furthermore may got to grasp what you actually price before giving up. Knowing what you actually value isn’t a easy task. Before you figure it out, you’ve got to think about numerous things. If you’re undecided what you want, you need a perfect guide.

What Do You Value

Know What you love to Do . Surrendering isn’t around leaving behind your career or love problems. it’s all concerning any state of affairs in your life. Say for example, if you’re a highschool graduate student and your parents are forcing you to study abroad, you’ve to give up insistence to remain. you need to give up, particularly once your parents are aiming to migrate. If you love designing, you can also take courses related to field. Then, since you need to pick only one course, you need to know which course fits for your preferences and qualifications.

Watch People Around You

Through watching people around you, you can easily figure out what makes you happy. Depending on your choice, you can start mingling with your friends or other relatives. Then, you have to ask them what makes them happy.

Life is too simple to handle. It is just a matter on how you manage it.

If you treasure one thing, make sure that you show that you really value it. Don’t easily give up, instead fight for it. Once you value one thing or anything, expect that you can easily decide whether you have to allow or surrender it.

Follow Your Guts

Ask yourself, what causes you to happy and what objects or activities are you attracted to? If you recognize the solution to those queries, you’ll be able to simply verify whether or not you’re creating a right call or not. simply confirm that don’t attempt to force your interest. Do the things you like to relish your life.

Try Everything

If you can’t figure out what you actually need, you’ve got to undertake everything. you’ll strive completely different activities like sports. you’llstrive each activities you prefer and you don’t like. whereas doing these items, you’ve got an opportunityto find new activities. This scheme can assist you choose what you actually need and like to do.

Analyze Yourself

To recognize what you actually need, you’ve got to investigate yourself. For the most effective guide, you’ll be able to get a pencil and paper and write notes. If you like numerous things, you wish to weigh that of them is that the best. In life, you don’t got to get all. You have to know when to allow or give up something. After knowing what you actually value, your next move is to begin deciding the things you wish to present up. Since you hold on the things you like, expect that you simply are creating a right selection. Like others, you may relish your life and you will always be happy.